The film

Why this documentary ?

In 2008, the economic crisis hit Iceland hard. The main banks were going bankrupt and the state had to intervene. Mass demonstrations were organized in the capital to overthrow the government, in power for more than 20 years.

In 2009, a new government resulting from a social-democratic alliance is installed and encourages the Anthill in the project of rewriting the constitution. Several citizens' assemblies are organized to propose a new constitution in 2011 which will be adopted by referendum. However, even today, the new constitution (much more social and ecological than the previous one) has not been adopted by parliament.

In this documentary, we address several issues on democracy: what form of democracy directly supported by citizens can there be? How to transform institutions? By what process and what pitfalls do we find?

In this way, we hope to spread a democratic experience to inspire change.

The people we met

Katrin Jakobstottir

Leader of the Green Party of Iceland, prime minister since 2017

Hordur Torfasson

Popular singer and gay rights activist in the 1980s.

Leader of the demonstrations following the economic crisis of 2008

Larus Ymir Oskarsson

Screenwriter and 'flâneur', he is one of the organizers of Anthill, the citizen forum

Katrin Oddsdottir

Militante des droits humains et très active dans les manifestations dans la crise économique de 2008. Membre du conseil constitutionnel qui a réécrit la constitution

Ari Teitsson

Agriculteur et président d’une banque mutuelle, la seule qui ait survécu à la crise économie de 2008. Membre du conseil constitutionnel qui a réécrit la constitution

Thorhildur Thorleifsdottir

Director and leader of the political party 'the women's list'

Member of the Constitutional Council who rewrote the constitution

Jon Olafsson

Professor of political philosophy at the University of Iceland and author of many articles on the Icelandic constitution

Jon Gunnar Bernburg

Professor of sociology at the University of Iceland and author of the book Economic Crisis and Mass Protest